Activity 2 (Computer Vs. Phone Debate) – Mentor

Mentors may join in on the debate fun! How would they handle being without a vital electronic linking them to the outside world? Is your reasoning more compelling?

It seems that everyone has access to a computer and/or phone these days. But which one is
better? What would you give up if you had to? Which could you not live without? WHY?


Working individually, each mentee will write down whether they would give up access to their
computer or phone for one week. Mentors are welcome to join in the fun!

Mentees will be given 10 minutes to formulate their list of compelling reasons as to why they
chose their answer with a minimum of three well-articulated statements. Once everyone in the
group has completed their answers and lists, discussion may begin.

Working around the table, each member of the group will share their thoughts. If everyone
agrees on the answer, you may move on to another, similar question and repeat the steps until
there is some disagreement.

If not everyone agrees on the answer in the first pass, discussion continues until all the
members agree (or agree to disagree).

After 15 minutes of discussions (leaving 5 minutes at the end of this activity), discuss the
● Was it difficult to formulate logical, compelling reasons for why you chose your device?
● What did you learn in this process?
● What would you do differently next time?
● Did you change your mind after hearing someone else’s reasons? Why?