Activity (UGLI Oranges) Copy


The following are the main objectives of this exercise: understanding the difference between positions versus interests (inquiring and listening); developing an insight in the various process of problem solving; understanding the importance of effective two-way communication for conflict resolution; and bringing out different ways/solutions of a problem to find a creative solution.




1. Mentor/Mentee groups will pair with one another (e.g. Group 1 and Group 3; Group 2 and Group 4, etc.)
2. Each group in the pair will receive the names of two scientists that are Dr. Jones and Dr. Roland, distributing the different situation sheets to both groups and asking participants to read the general instructions.
3. Confidential instructions will be given to one group within each pair acting on behalf of Dr. Jones or Dr. Roland. These confidential instructions will give additional information regarding the role that each half of the larger group will play.
4. Each half of the group will have 10 minutes to work together to determine their objective and
strategize as to how to negotiate with the other half of the group.
5. After the group has discussed their ideas and reasons that they need the oranges for their endeavors, one spokesperson from each team will come forward to speak on the group half’s behalf. What are their ideas? Are the arguments logical?
6. For 15 minutes, the two sides will debate the issue of needing the oranges and negotiate terms of an agreement if one can be reached. Can the two groups agree? What is the solution?
7. The exercise concludes with the two sides either agreeing to disagree or providing a logical solution to the problem. Now it is time to discuss the exercise (15 minutes).