IceBreaker (Supermarket)

Supermarket Icebreaker

This is a fun and easy icebreaker! 

1. The first player says, “I went to the supermarket to buy an APPLE (or anything else you
can buy in a supermarket that begins with the letter A).”
2. The next player repeats, “I went to the supermarket to buy an APPLE and a B______.”
(use the name of any item that begins with a B)
3. Continue with each player reciting the items that have already been named and adding
one that begins with the next letter of the alphabet. If a player cannot think of an item
within 5 seconds or misstates the order of an item, they are out of the game.
4. The winner is the player who successfully reaches the end of the alphabet – or gets the
farthest in the game. This game can be played again if there is time.