High School Checklist Copy

Planning Your Final Year of High School- Checklist

Senior Year

Enroll in courses

Volunteer 25 hours

Take at least one SAT prep test on Khan Academy

Take the ACT or SAT again if you need to get a better score very early in your senior year

Take AP tests for college credit hours- if taking AP classes

Complete resume

Plan with your E3 Mentor all year

Get a job/summer internship

Go on at least 2 college visits (you get two excused absence at school for college visits)

Apply to college 

Get accepted to college!!

Prepare for college- housing/food plans/books, etc.

Check in with the school counselor- see if you are eligible for fee waivers!  You can apply to 4 colleges for free!

Apply for FAFSA in October

If joining the military- meet with your recruiter to plan

If planning on receiving a career certificate, follow all college readiness plans above as well as working with technical school to ensure you are enrolled.

Paying for College 

There are many ways to pay for college.  Please answer the following questions:

  1. Do you have a college savings account that will cover all of your tuition?    Yes      No
  2. Do you have any money saved for college?  Yes No
    If yes, how much?                                   __________________________
  3. How much is the annual tuition for your top college/trade school?  _____________________________
  4. How do you plan on paying for it?  _______________________________________________________
  5. How many scholarships have you applied to this school year? __________________________________
  6. How much scholarship money have you been awarded?  _____________________________________
  7. What support do you need to help you achieve more success with scholarship applications? 
    a. The knowledge of where to find scholarships
    b. Could you use help writing an essay?
    c. Do you now understand the importance of applying for scholarships?
  8. Are you familiar with FAFSA or TAFSA?   Yes  No
  9. Have you gone to your counselor’s office to see if you are eligible for fee waivers?  You can apply to 4 colleges for free if you go and ask! 

FAFSA/TAFSA is free money that you can get in college, up to $6,000 a year!  We are going to give you the information you need to prepare your parents.  You will need their help to apply.  The application opens up for you and your parents in October of your senior year of high school.

Summer Before 12th Grade

Students: TO DO LIST:

(   ) Create a username and password called an FSA ID that you’ll use to confirm your identity when accessing your financial aid information and electronically signing your federal student aid documents. You and your parent will each need your own unique FSA ID. Learn about the FSA ID, and create yours, at https://studentaid.gov/fsa-id/sign-in/landing . Note: You must create your own FSA ID; if your parent creates it for you, that’ll cause confusion later and will slow down the financial aid application process. Your parent has their own and you have your own FSA ID.

(  ) Focus on your Top 5 Colleges.  And make sure they are realistic in nature to ensure acceptance.  Don’t focus on only colleges that are a long shot to get into.  Make sure at least 1 of your 5 is a Community College.  If you are focused on Trade School, do you have 1 or 2 options?

(  ) Contact colleges to request information and applications for admission. Ask about financial aid, admission requirements, and deadlines.

(  ) Decide whether you are going to apply under a particular college’s early decision or early action program. Be sure to learn about the program’s deadlines and requirements.

(  )Apply for scholarships. You can never have too much scholarship money!

(  ) Find out what government financial aid you can apply for, and how.

(  ) Be careful when searching for scholarships. Don’t apply for sweepstakes.  And you should never have to spend money to apply for a Scholarship!

Parents: TO DO LIST: 

(  ) Create your own FSA ID if you don’t have one yet. (See “To Do” in the “Summer Before 12th Grade: Students” section for details.)  This will be a different FSA ID than your student.

(  ) Review your financial situation and make sure your child is looking into or already has applied for scholarships.

(  ) Ask your employer whether scholarships are available for employees’ children.

(  ) Find out whether your child has added any schools to his or her college wish list since the last time you visited colleges. Visit additional campuses if possible.

(  ) Take a closer look at Student Aid websites to ensure you understand the federal aid programs and upcoming application. 

Check List from Now Though Summer

  • Take the SAT & ACT
  • Ask your teachers for a recommendation letter, before everyone else does!  Get 2 letters!
  • Make sure you know all of the important dates for college/trade admissions.
  • Contact your prospective schools to schedule interviews and/or visits.
  • Look into taking dual credit classes your senior year.  But also make sure you set your schedule up for success.  Don’t compromise your academics and/or grades your senior year by taking classes that are too hard.  And don’t take classes that are too easy either.  Keep a good balance, especially the first semester of your senior year.
  • There are free Essay writing workshops over the summer.  Make sure you get involved.
  • Apply for a job, if you don’t already have one.  You can add this to your resume and save money for college!
  • Talk to your parents about FAFSA/TAFSA.  Make sure they know you will need their tax return.
  • Plan for housing while in college.  Will you live at home, on campus, on your own, etc.  If you live on campus, find out when the deadline to apply for campus housing is.  If you live on your own, you need to make sure you can afford it.
  • Also, make sure you enjoy your summer! There is a lot of college prep to do, but it is also your last summer before college!  So enjoy!