IceBreaker (Frown Queen/Frown King) – Mentor

Frown Queen/Frown King

 Another fun way to warm up at the beginning of the session.

Combine two mentor/mentee groups to do this activity together (ex. Group 1 and Group 2, Group 3 and Group 4, etc.)


Mentees and mentors pair up and stand back-to-back.

On the count of three, everyone faces their partner, looks each other in the eyes and tries to frown, no speaking. The first to smile or laugh must sit down. All who remain standing take a new partner and the activity continues until two people remain. If you have two who are excellent at keeping a straight face, you can divide into teams and the opposite team can heckle to break down the opposing team’s player. The last one standing is crowned Frown Queen or Frown King.