IceBreaker (Group Juggle)

The goal of this exercise is to juggle multiple objects around the group without dropping them.
You will need to strategize to set goals for the group (how many objects can they keep
going) and to problem solve any potential issues.


Stand together with everyone else in a circle.  

The first task of the group is to set the order that they will juggle. 

The mentor will then hand an object to one of the mentees, the order  previously discussed will remain the same throughout the rest of the game (this is very important).  

Here are the rules:
a.  You must toss the object underhand.
b.  You must say the name of the person before you toss it (safely).
c. You cannot hand it or toss it to someone right next to you (tell them it’s better if they toss it
across the circle).
d. Everyone gets it one time except for the person it starts with and once everyone else has
gotten it one time, the object comes back to the starting place.
e.  If you do not know someone’s name, you may ask, but you must say the name before you
throw the object.
f.  You may not switch positions with anyone in the circle or move from your place.

Play the game!

With the order set, make sure everyone is following the rules above.  See if you all can get the object all the way around the circle without dropping it.  The goal is to do a full circle
1 -2 times without dropping it.  

Then after 2 full circles. We’re going to change the rules, to instead of trying to do a full circle without dropping, no matter what happens, keep going.

Continue to throw the objects even if someone drops the object.

At this point the first person will start tossing the first object.  Once it gets 2-3 people along, introduce a second object, then a 3rd, 4th, and 5th.

The game gets fun and crazy at this point!  Once you all have finished tossing all the objects
around the circle, how was your experience?

Now, set a goal to see how many objects you all can get all the way around the circle without dropping any of them.  [The group can also set a goal to give themselves some leeway.  For example, the group would set a goal of getting 5 objects around the tossing order with 2 drops.]