Logic Puzzle

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Eight major United States Civil Rights figures were featured in a museum display. The night before, a minor earthquake shook the museum — and the Civil Rights era display — mixing up the figure and the plaque identifying their birth year and city. Use deductive reasoning to help the museum staff match the information correctly again. 

  1. Lyndon B. Johnson and Thurgood Marshall were born the same year.  
  2. Thurgood Marshall was not from the south. 
  3. Martin Luther King Jr. was born 21 years after Marshall. 
  4. Rosa Parks was born before World War I began in 1914.  
  5. Malcolm X was not from Chicago.  
  6. John F. Kennedy was born in a state whose name has 13 letters.  
  7. Ralph Ellison would have been 94 years old had he been alive to see the first black U.S. President elected in 2008. 

Emmett Till was not from Baltimore.

The information plaques on the Civil Rights era exhibit at the museum were disrupted during an earthquake. Use deductive reasoning and the clues on the following page to match Civil Rights figures with their birth year and city.