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We have included the top 5 reasons why students drop out of college.  We want you to go through these with your mentor and discuss how you plan to make sure you do not fall prey to these potential pitfalls. Sometimes a student would be most successful by joining the military, attending a two-year college, or obtaining a career certificate BEFORE they attend a four-year college.

  1. Balancing work and school is too difficult
  2. Tuition becomes too expensive, or student loses Scholarship monies because their grades drop below a 2.5 GPA
  3. Student is not academically prepared for college
  4. Student is not emotionally ready for college
  5. Student socialized too much or did not socialize enough.

Now that you see the top 5 reasons students drop out of college.  Please talk these through with your mentor and uncover ways you plan on overcoming these obstacles.  We have also included some tips below.

Reality 1:
Most students leave college because the stress of work and study just becomes too difficult.

Reality 2:
Young people who fail to finish college are often going it alone financially.

Reality 3:
For students who don’t graduate, the college selection process often seems limited and uninformed.

Reality 4:
Students who leave college may not fully recognize the impact dropping out will have on their future.


How to balance college and work.
Most of you will have to work while in college.  And that is okay!  Here are a few tips to make working and college a balanceable task. 

  • Check your Scholarships.  How many hours do they require you to enroll in to keep the Scholarship?  Most are 12 hours.  12 hours is also considered a full-time student.  We DO NOT recommend you take more than 12 hours.  Especially your first year of college.  (Most college classes have a 3-hour value)
    12 hours is 4 classes each semester.  
  • Working Full Time? Make sure your employer will schedule your shifts around your class schedule.  Missing class can be a portion of your grade.  And many college professors will only include information on their exams that they went over in class.
  • Talk to your Professors. Let your professors know your situation.  As much detail as you are comfortable providing.  They want to help you.  But they have to understand your situation to be able to help.

Tuition is too expensive


You are losing your Scholarships because your grades dropped below a 2.5 GPA

  • First of all, DON’T let this happen.  Study.  
  • You will have a certain amount of time at the beginning of every semester to drop a class or transfer.  Sometimes you have to stick it out.  But other times you have the option to do this.  As long as you remain enrolled in 12 hours, you can transfer to a different professor, or take a different class.  
  • Do not take 4 hard classes your first semester.  Throw an elective in there with 2 or 3 main classes.  So what if it takes you 5 years to graduate college.  The goal here is to graduate!
  • Do not take super early morning classes if you are not a morning person. 
  • Take classes that will fit in with your life.

Not being academically prepared

  • This is common.  
  • You will more than likely have to study harder than some and attend every single class.
  • Do not skip class.  It is easy to do this since you will not have your parents looking over your shoulder.  But it is a big mistake to miss class.
  • Join groups on campus that are relevant to your interests and major.  Do not join too many that you become overwhelmed.  Maybe just try one at first.
  • A lot of campuses have free tutors.  
  • Attend your professor’s office hours every time you can! 

Not being Socially Prepared

  • It is hard going from high school to college.  Don’t worry, you can do it!
  • Most campuses have some type of mentoring organization, JOIN IT!
  • Make friends that are from all different backgrounds.  This will really help as you navigate into your career as well.
  • Continue to stay active with Toyota’s E3 Program and your mentor!

Being too social

  • There is no denying it, the opportunity to party is much easier in college.  Be smart.  Don’t stay out late if you have class the next day.
  • Try not to schedule classes on Fridays.  Thursday is the party night in college.  And if you plan to partake, be smart.
  • Remember, nothing good happens at a party after midnight.  Be smart.
  • You are in college to get your degree.  And to become the first person in your family to achieve this honor.  Don’t ruin the opportunity you have been given to have a better future.

Not being social enough

  • Do not sit in your room and binge on Netflix every night.
  • Make friends.  You do not have to party to have fun.
  • There are all types of people in college.  You will meet people very similar interests to you.  Maybe you will find a group of friends you can binge watch Netflix with, one evening a month.

Which of these ‘5’ concern you the most?  Talk it over with your mentor and come up with ways that you can be proactive to prevent these from happening to you.