Activity 2 (Interviews) – Mentor

Mentors will participate in informational interviews with the mentees to capture information about the program as well as develop their verbal communication skills.

Interviews are a way to get to know someone, evaluate a program, or determine fit for a job
opening. Communication skills take the lead in these endeavors. As we wrap up our mentoring
program, we take this opportunity to learn more about what the mentees gained as well as
giving them a last lesson in verbal communication skills.


You will take turns interviewing members of your group. Your goal is to find out about the
E3 Youth Mentor Program.

Each member of the group should come up with four questions regarding the program and what they are genuinely curious about.


For example, the following questions could inform the interviewer.

The list, however, is not exhaustive.

Tap into your curiosity and formulate your own creative questions.
● How was your experience in the E3 Youth Mentor Program?
● What did you learn?
● What would you change about the program?
● What are some pros and cons to participating?
● What is the most useful thing that you learned from the program?
● What is the least useful thing that you learned from the program?
● What will you do differently when confronted with a problem?

Upon the completion of your interviews, thank the interviewee and offer to change roles.

Everyone should have the opportunity to ask his/her questions to the group.



This concludes the formal portion of our program,


A most sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU for your participation in the program.

We couldn’t have done this without you! We hope that this opportunity has been fulfilling and that you’ll join us again next year!!!